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Welcome to RFindings

If you are new to RFindings, we look forward to providing you with top quality jewelry findings and supplies. Here is some information for you to help us best serve you.

New Business Accounts:

We offer businesses who are looking to order regularly from RFindings a special business account status. Once approved, this status enables your company to order on terms and, if qualified, without being charged sales tax. Please fill out the application form and email or FAX it to us so we can process your application.

Current Customers:

If your company has ordered from RFindings in the past through our previous website, and would like to order on terms and qualified for sales tax free orders, we'd like to get you set up to do the same through this new site. Please create an account on this site and fill out the account request form below. We'll match up your new account on this site and set your account to be able to create orders with that way.

New Customers

We are excited to serve you and provide you with findings and supplies too. Please shop through our site as you would any other site. You'll have the ability to make purchases and pay by credit card.

New Site! New Capabilities! New Security! We have updated our website to provide more features and improved capabilities to service your needs.  With upgrading our site, the account structure has changed from the old Account Number based system to one that greatly improves security.  The new account structure is based on an email address and password system that complies with the PCI DSS 3.1 standards that all eCommerce websites are required to follow.  

Step 1: Business Account Request
Please fill out the account request form specifying your current account number.  This will be sent to R Findings to notify them of your request.

Step 2:Website Account Creation
Then you'll need to create an account in this new system (on the next page) and  have that account added to the appropriate customer group that will provide you with the benefits you enjoy today (Step 3).   

We value you as a customer and look forward to serving you better and better!

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