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The Flip Guard

Flip Guard
Flip Guard video

An inexpensive solution in 14 karat yellow or white gold, for customers who can't get their rings over their knuckles. Just size the ring slightly larger than their knuckle. Solder the T shaped piece (which has no spring so it can take heat) to the inside of the shank (see installation instructions). The U shaped piece crimps over the ends of the T (similar to a hinged earring).The U shape can be adjusted by bending.

The customer slides the ring over their knuckle with the Flip Guard opened towards them (some are able to slide it with it closed). They then flip it closed. When The Flip Guard is taken off the finger, it flips open by itself. See Video

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The EZ2 Magnetic Clasp

EZ2 Magnetic Clasp EZ2 Magnetic Clasp video

Finally.....A clasp that is easy to put on and take off. It also doesn't pull apart! The large version is available in round (EZ2RSS)and flat (EZ2FSS) shapes in Sterling Silver. There is also a smaller version (MAG5SS) available.

Super powerful magnets are used to bring the two sides of the clasp together and hold them in place. Customers can take their bracelets off with one hand without any assistance. To open the clasp, the index and middle fingers hold the sides as the thumb pushes the center of the clasp in the opposite direction. It can also be twisted off. See Video

Note: Magnetic jewelry cannot be worn near pacemakers, and may affect certain watch movements.


The Interlock System

The Interlock System

Need to make a three stone ring with princess shape stones on the side, and an oval center? R Findings has your solution.

We developed a CAD designed system for putting together odd combinations of shapes and sizes for three stone rings. Just solder the keyed strip into the shank, and cut the center bar. You will be able to fit whatever you like into the center. It will all line up, as the keyed center setting fits into the bar you just cut. Mix 14KT, 18KT, Platinum metals, and Round, Oval, Princess, or Emerald shapes.

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Quicklink Jump Rings

Quicklink Jump Rings Quicklink video

If you don't have a torch to solder jump rings together, or you just need to quickly put a charm on a bracelet, the Quicklink Jump Rings are your solution. They are made from work hardened silver or yellow gold filled and get stronger as they are bent back and forth. Available in the following sizes in SS and YGF and Pink Gold Filled.

  • JRT1 4mm 20 gauge wire
  • JRT2 5.8mm 18 gauge wire
  • JRT3 7.8mm 16 gauge wire


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